Unleashed Solid Final Stage Kit for Nerf Flipfury


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The Unleashed Solid Final Stage Kit for Nerf Flipfury replaces the internal components that are most likely to fail under increased spring tension with high-strength fiber reinforced polymer and impact resistant polypropylene. All of the corners and edges have been radiused to increase strength and the slam-fire catch has been reinforced. The plunger and slam-fire catch are carried over from the Strongarm design and is are thoroughly proven parts that have been perfected over years of use and multiple revisions. The output of the replacement springs falls right around 7kg and has been designed to function as smoothly as a stock spring while more than doubling dart velocity. The sculpted polypropylene trigger gives your finger a more positive purchase on the trigger blade and the matte finish provides a comfortable grip for your finger.


  • POM Plunger rod
  • POM Slam fire catch
  • Impact resistant polypropylene trigger catch
  • Impact resistant polypropylene trigger
  • 7Kg mainspring
  • PTFE White lithium grease
  • O-ring
  • Trigger and trigger catch springs



Check out Mod Guides for more information.

Warning: Because the trigger included is metal, the slamfire function will not work reliably with the kit installed.

Disclaimer: Mod at your own risk!
Increasing the spring tension can break or damage the stock internal components of your blaster. By purchasing, you agree not to hold Bloom Technology liable should this occur. In addition, we may not be able to troubleshoot problems due to user error.

Additional information

Weight 165 g
Dimensions 170 × 185 × 50 mm


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