Unleashed Solid Final Stage Kit – Nerf Rampage


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The Rampage Final Stage kit replaces the internal components that are most likely to fail under increased spring tension with high strength POM and zinc alloy. All of the corners and edges of the POM components have been radiused to increase strength and the plunger head has been redesigned for durability and to reduce the wear on the plunger body. The replacement spring is rated at 5+ kg and is designed to function as smoothly as the stock spring while more than doubling the dart’s velocity at the muzzle. The included plunger head plug is an optional part that should be used if you experience trouble priming your blaster. The plunger head plug makes up for a loss of draw length found in some versions of the Rampage shell.

  • POM Plunger Rod
  • Metal Reinforcement Plate
  • Metal Trigger Catch
  • Polished Metal trigger
  • 5Kg Mainspring
  • Silicone grease
  • O-ring
  • Trigger and trigger catch springs
  • Plunger Head Plug (Optional: needed in certain Rampage versions)

5 Kg Main Spring:

  • 90fps muzzle velocity with up to 70ft range (parallel to ground)
  • 90fps muzzle velocity with up to 80ft range (30 degrees angled to ground)

7 Kg Main Spring:

  • 105fps muzzle velocity with up to 75ft range (parallel to ground)
  • 105fps muzzle velocity with up to 85ft range (30 degrees angled to ground)

Check out Mod Guides for more information.

Disclaimer: Mod at your own risk!
Increasing the spring tension can break or damage the stock internal components of your blaster. By purchasing, you agree not to hold Bloom Technology liable should this occur. In addition, we may not be able to troubleshoot problems due to user error.

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